Glossary - sex offenders registration



Australian National Child Offender Register.

Corresponding registrable offender

A person who would be required to report under a sex offender registration scheme in another state or territory if they had not moved to Victoria.

Compliance manager

A member of Victoria Police who has been approved by the Chief Commissioner to receive reports from registered sex offenders.

Department of Human Services

This term is used throughout the report to refer to the Children, Youth and Families Division of the Department of Human Services. This Division of the Department is responsible for child protection in Victoria.

Police officer

This generic term is used throughout the report to describe a member of Victoria Police, with the acknowledgement that, technically, not all members of Victoria Police are police officers.

Registered sex offender

Someone who has been convicted and sentenced for a registrable offence and is placed on the Sex Offenders Register. The term ‘registrant’ is used interchangeably with ‘registered sex offender’.

The Sex Offenders Registration Act 2004 (Vic) uses the terms ‘registrable offender’ and ‘registered sex offender’. In this report the term ‘registered sex offender’ is used for ease of expression.

Registrable offence

An offence that results in registration as a sex offender on conviction and sentence. A registrable offence under the Sex Offenders Registration Act 2004 (Vic) includes an offence listed in schedule 1 or schedule 2 of the Act and an offence that results in the making of a sex offender registration order.

Registration order

An order made by a court that an offender must comply with the reporting obligations of the Sex Offenders Registration Act 2004 (Vic). Currently, the court may make the order under section 11 of the Act.

Reportable information

Information that a registered sex offender must report to the police and keep up to date for the duration of their reporting period. It includes information about their identity, where they live and work, their contact details, children they have unsupervised contact with, travel arrangements and the car they drive.

Reporting obligation

The obligation imposed on registered sex offenders to provide particular details about themselves (reportable information) to the police in certain ways within specified times and for a specified period (the reporting period).

Reporting period

The period for which registered sex offenders must report information about themselves to the police in accordance with their reporting obligations. The length of the reporting period depends on the offence committed and the age of the offender at the time. For adults, it is eight years, 15 years or life. For minors it is four years or seven and a half years.


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