Welcome to the Victorian Law Reform Commission

The Victorian Law Reform Commission is an independent, government-funded organisation that develops, reviews and recommends reform of Victoria's state laws. The Commission has a charter to consult with the community and advise the Attorney-General on how to improve and update Victorian laws.

Neighbourhood Tree Disputes

The Commission is reviewing the law of neighbourhood tree disputes on private land, to make it easier and fairer for people to resolve their disputes. Submissions have now closed.

If you have an problem with your neighbour involving a tree, what can you legally do? To find out, watch our tree disputes video.


Litigation Funding and Group Proceedings

The VLRC report Access to Justice: Litigation Funding and Group Proceedings was tabled in Parliament on 19 June 2018. Download the litigation funding report here. 

The Commission will report to the Attorney-General by the due date, 27 July 2018. The report will be made public after it has been tabled in Parliament, which will happen within 14 sitting days.

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