Protection Applications in the Children's Court: Final Report

The Commission's Protection Applications in the Children's Court: Final Report was tabled in Parliament on 5 October 2010.

PDFs of the full report and individual chapters can be downloaded below. Please contact us if you require this publication in an alternative format. 

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PACC.pdf (4.12 MB)
PACC_Prelims.pdf (991.63 KB)
PACC_Chapter_1.pdf (191.49 KB)
PACC_Chapter_2.pdf (256.54 KB)
PACC_Chapter_3.pdf (366.63 KB)
PACC_Chapter_4.pdf (337.62 KB)
PACC_Chapter_5.pdf (324.43 KB)
PACC_Chapter_6.pdf (187.37 KB)
PACC_Chapter_7.pdf (471.57 KB)
PACC_Chapter_8.pdf (549.68 KB)
PACC_Chapter_9.pdf (253.58 KB)
Place of publication: 
Publisher : 
Victorian Law Reform Commission
Date published: 
01 Jun 2010
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