Final reports

For each project, the Commission publishes a final report, which is submitted to government and subsequently tabled in the Victorian Parliament.

This page lists reports produced by the Commission since it commenced operations in 2001.

Reports that were produced by an earlier body, the Law Reform Commission of Victoria, are not on this website. You can access those reports (1985-1992) on the austlii website.

Mar 2002

Criminal Liability of the Crown

In November 2001, the government introduced the Crimes (Workplace Deaths and Serious Injuries) Bill 2001. The Bill intended to make corporations criminally liable for serious injury and death in the...
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Supporting Young People in Police Interviews

 In 2009, as a community law reform project, the Commission initiated a review of the processes of supporting young people in custody during police interviews.The review examined the role of...
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Residential Tenancy Databases

In May 2005, the Tenants Union of Victoria approached the Commission to discuss the operation of residential tenancy databases in Victoria. Residential tenancy databases provide information to...
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Failure to Appear in Court in Response to Bail

In 2001, the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service contacted the Commission expressing concern about the way in which the Bail Act 1977 (Vic) operated.The project was adopted as the Commission's first...
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