About community law reform

The Victorian Law Reform Commission Act 2000 states that one of the Commission's functions is: 'to examine, report and make recommendations to the Attorney-General on any matter that the Commission considers raises relatively minor legal issues that are of general community concern, if the Commission is satisfied that the examination of that matter will not require a significant deployment of the resources available to the Commission.' 

These matters are covered by the Commission's community law reform program, and they are separate to references given to the Commission by the Attorney General.

What are community law reform projects?

Community law reform projects must involve changes to the law that are limited in scope, and must be of general benefit to the community. 

For examples of community law reform projects, see the list below.

Who can suggest a community law reform project?

Anyone can make a suggestion for a community law reform project. If you have an idea, we suggest you contact us first to discuss it before submitting your proposal. For more information on what makes a project eligible, see criteria for projects.

The Commission cannot take on every law reform idea suggested to us. Generally, we can only work on one community law reform project at a time. If the project is too complex or costly, the Commission can alert the Attorney-General that it is an area in need of reform.

Suggest a community law reform project (online form).

Community law reform projects (follow the links for details on each project)


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