Sexual Offences: Terms of Reference

On 27 April 2001, the Attorney-General, the Honourable Rob Hulls MP, gave the Victorian Law Reform Commission a reference:

1. To review current legislative provisions relating to sexual offences to determine whether legislative, administrative or procedural changes are necessary to ensure the criminal justice system is responsive to the needs of complainants in sexual offence cases, having regard to the findings of the:

  • Victorian Parliamentary Drugs and Crime Prevention Committee’s 1995 report on Combating Child Sexual Assault and 1996 report on Combating Sexual Assault Against Adult Men and Women;
  • Rape Law Reform Evaluation Project’s 1996 report into the Crimes (Rape) Act 1991; and
  • Model Criminal Code Officers Committee of the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General’s 1999 report on Sexual Offences Against the Person.

2. To develop and/or coordinate the delivery of educational programs which may be necessary to ensure the effectiveness of existing and proposed legislative, administrative and procedural reforms.

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