Submissions and Consultations

Appendix A: Submissions

1 Name withheld

2 Ellena Dorothy Helen Stewart Biggs

3 Leilani Hannah

4 Confidential

5 Confidential

6 Name withheld

7 Name withheld

8a Name withheld

8b Name withheld

9 Australian Adoptee Rights Action Group

10 Confidential

11a Grandparents Victoria Inc./Kinship Carers Victoria

11b Grandparents Victoria Inc./Kinship Carers Victoria

12 Dorothy Long

13 Dr Catherine Lynch JD

14 Samuel Morley

15 Jeremy Orchard

16 Name withheld

17 Name withheld

18 Dan Barron

19 Sharyn White

20 Name withheld

21 Name withheld

22 Confidential

23 Fae Cuff

24 Independent Regional Mothers Combined

25 National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect

26 Adoption Origins Victoria Inc.

27 Institute of Open Adoption Studies, University of Sydney

28a Confidential

28b Confidential

29 Connections UnitingCare

30 Name withheld

31 Name withheld

32 Name withheld

33a Name withheld

33b Name withheld


35 OzChild

36 Child & Family Services Ballarat Inc.

37 Permanent Care and Adoptive Families

38 Women’s Forum Australia

39 ARMS (Vic)

40 Confidential

41 Adopt Change

42 Australian Association of Social Workers

43 Thomas Graham

44 Victorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby

45 Dr Briony Horsfall

46 Australian Psychological Society

47 Youth Disability Advocacy Service

48 Victorian Council of Social Service

49 Office of the Public Advocate

50 Barnardos Australia

51 Law Institute of Victoria

52 Commission for Children and Young People

53 SNAICC—National Voice for our Children

54 Australian Christian Lobby

55 CREATE Foundation

56 Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare Inc.

57 Patricia Harper

58 Name withheld

59 Karleen Gribble BRurSc PhD

60 Berry Street

61 Name withheld


Appendix B: Consultations

1 Bounce Youth Leaders (convened by Orygen: The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health)

2 Grandparents Victoria

3 Confidential

4 ARMS (Vic)

5 Roundtable with disability and mental health sector

6 Roundtable with Permanent Care and Adoptive Families

7 Bobby Richards

8 Harold Hall

9 Roundtable with legal sector

10 Confidential

11 Trevor Smith

12 Adoption Origins Victoria Inc.

13 Roundtable with approved adoption agencies

14 Roundtable discussion with agencies involved in providing adoption information

15 Roundtable with culturally and linguistically diverse representative agencies

16 Professor Meredith Temple-Smith

17 Rainbow Families Council and the Victorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby

18 Fiona De Vries

19 Chrissie Davies

20 Brenda Coughlan, Spokesperson for Independent Regional Mothers

21 Roundtable with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peak bodies and agencies

22 Fae Cuff

23 Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative

24 Australian Association of Social Workers


26 Roundtable with groups and individuals representing children’s interests

27 Australian Adoptee Rights Action Group

28 Hannah Penney

29 Staff at the Bendigo and District Aboriginal Co-operative

30 Jillian Ebbott

31 SS

32 Ann Jukes and Gabrielle Hitch

33 Confidential

34 Elaine Taylor

35 Confidential

36 Kylie Martens

37 Working Party for the Recognition of Torres Strait Islander Child Rearing Practices

38 Professor the Honourable Nahum Mushin, Adjunct Professor of Law, Monash University


Appendix C: NSW Government Guide to Drafting an Adoption Plan

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