Succession Laws: Quiz - Questions

The Victorian Law Reform Commission is carrying out a review of Victoria's succession laws. How well informed are you about the law? Try our quick quiz and test your knowledge. Make a note of your answers to these questions, then check your answers.

  1. A will must be signed by the will-maker and this signature must be witnessed by two people. Who can be a witness to a will in Victoria?
    1. Only lawyers.
    2. Only lawyers or officials such as a police officer, doctor, dentist, bank manager or accountant.
    3. Any adult who can see you signing the will.
    4. Any adult, but only if they will not receive a gift in your will.
  2. Which of the following cannot be left in your will? 
    1. Superannuation.
    2. Artworks.
    3. Livestock.
    4. Cash.
  3. Mrs Gray leaves a painting worth $500 in her will to her grandson Sam. Shortly before her death, the painting is destroyed in a fire. Mrs Gray does not change her will. What will Sam receive?
    1. $500
    2. Nothing.
    3. The insurance money for the painting.
  4. Mr Ling owns two units. In his will he leaves the flat he is living in to his daughter, and he leaves the other unit to his son. Mr Ling begins to suffer from dementia. His daughter, acting under an enduring power of attorney, sells the unit he was living in and uses the money to buy him a place in a nursing home. After his death, what will his daughter receive?
    1. Nothing.
    2. Any remaining proceeds of sale of the unit her father was living in.
    3. The full sale price of the unit her father was living in.
    4. Half his whole estate including the other unit.
  5. Who can apply to the court under family provision laws for a share, or a bigger share, of a person’s estate after they die?
    1. Only the deceased person’s partner.
    2. Only the deceased person’s partner or children who are under the age of 18.
    3. Only relatives or friends of the deceased.
    4. Anyone.
  6. Julia has a husband and two daughters. Her estate, including a house, a car, shares and savings in a bank account, is worth $750,000. If Julia dies without making a will (‘intestate’), who will Julia’s estate go to?
    1. Only her husband.
    2. Only her daughters in equal shares.
    3. Her husband and daughters.
    4. The Victorian Government.
  7. Henry is married, but separated from his wife and has lived with his new partner for three years. He has no children. He owns a house, a motorbike and an art collection. Henry has died without making a will (‘intestate’). Who will inherit his estate?
    1. Only his wife
    2. Only his current partner
    3. Both his wife and his current partner.
    4. The Victorian Government.
  8. Marco owns a studio apartment (valued at $700,000) and a beach house (valued at $400,000). He takes out a $280,000 mortgage against the beach house to fund a small business.  When Marco dies, he leaves the studio to Francesco, the beach house to Julia and the business to Carl. From what asset/s should the mortgage be paid?
    1. The studio.
    2. The beach house.
    3. The business.
    4. A combination of all of the above.

Now check your answers. 

How did you go? Whether you are an expert or a novice, you can find out more about wills, family provision, debts, small estates, executors and intestacy by reading the VLRC's succession laws review consultation papers. Then make your voice heard by making a submission before 28 March 2013.   

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