Commission seeks public views on adoption

10 Aug 2016

The Victorian Law Reform Commission is seeking the views of the Victorian community by 16 September on how to modernise Victoria’s adoption laws. 

The Commission is currently reviewing the Adoption Act 1984 and will provide recommendations to the state government on how the law could be changed to better meet the needs of children and families. The best interests and rights of the child are the foremost consideration of this review. 

The Commission is currently consulting with the community, including private meetings in Geelong on Tuesday 6 September. The Commission has published a consultation paper, including questions about the Adoption Act and inviting responses. Anyone can make a written submission to the review. Download the adoption consultation paper.

Issues the Commission is reviewing include: 

•        Children’s best interests and rights 

•        Eligibility to adopt and the application process 

•        Access to adoption information 

•        Birth certificates of adopted people. 

Chair of the Commission, the Hon. Philip Cummins AM, said: “Community attitudes and contemporary law in relation to family have changed, and the Adoption Act needs to better reflect today’s values and circumstances.” 

“Due to the sensitivity of this issue, we are holding private consultations rather than public meetings. People who wish to talk to us are welcome, and should contact the Commission by email to arrange a meeting.” 

Mr Cummins advised that the Commission is not reviewing inter-country adoptions or commercial surrogacy (which are Commonwealth matters), or adoption by same-sex parents, which has already been addressed by new Victorian laws. The Commission is not examining adoption laws and practices that existed before the Adoption Act 1984. 

Contact the Commission at

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