Commission launches Supporting Young People in Police Interviews: Final Report

The Commission has launched the Supporting Young People in Police Interviews: Final Report. The report recommends the introduction of a statewide scheme for supporting young people in police custody.

The Commission makes 24 recommendations in the report, including:

  • building on the successful Youth Referral and Independent Persons Program (YRIPP) pilot program and establishing the scheme statewide with a pool of trained people
  • having the legislation clearly describe the role of the person to inform young people of their legal rights and supporting them when they choose to exercise those rights
  • changing the name from ‘independent person’ to ‘support person’ to better indicate the nature of the role, and
  • clearly indicating the consequences of failing to comply with the requirement that a young person be supported by a parent, guardian or support person during police questioning. 

The report was undertaken as part of the Commission’s community law reform program, where the Commission examines and makes recommendations about matters that are of general community concern, but do not involve major legal change. The project was a suggestion from members of YRIPP, the Centre for Multicultural Youth and the Youth Affairs Council of Victoria.

For more information on the Commission’s supporting young people in police interviews reference, read the media release or select from the Related Pages link on the right. 

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