Family Violence Laws: Report

The Commission’s Review of Family Violence Laws: Report, published on 1 March 2006, can be downloaded as a pdf below. It made 153 recommendations, among which are:

  • a new Family Violence Act with aims, principles and a definition of family violence
  • training for police, registrars and magistrates in myths, stereotypes and dynamics
  • community campaign to promote respect for women and zero tolerance of family violence
  • greater protection for children and victims during child contact
  • removing family violence perpetrators from the family home
  • free legal advice and legal representation in contested matters
  • establishment of a specialist family violence prosecution unit
  • plain English paperwork
  • better translator service and translations
  • safer court facilities
  • a ban on intervention order respondents from personally cross-examining victims.

For navigation, here is an outline of the chapters in the report. 

  • Preface
  • Executive Summary and Recommendations
  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Recognising Family Violence?
  • Chapter 3: An Effective Legal Response
  • Chapter 4: Defining Family Violence and Family Member
  • Chapter 5: Police Response
  • Chapter 6: Access to the Magistrates’ Court
  • Chapter 7: Getting an Interim Order
  • Chapter 8: Getting a Final Order
  • Chapter 9: Contents of the Order
  • Chapter 10: After the Order is Made
  • Chapter 11: Making it Easier to Give Evidence
  • Chapter 12: Beyond the Legal System
  • Appendices
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