Guardianship review announced

Today the Attorney-General announced a major Commission review of Victoria’s guardianship laws. 

Victorian guardianship laws are designed to protect people with impaired decision-making capacity, including the elderly and people with intellectual and mental disabilities. The Commission’s review will ensure the law protects vulnerable Victorians, reflects modern standards and responds to changing demographics. 

Chair of the Commission, Professor Neil Rees, welcomed the reference from the Attorney-General. He said this it was the first time a comprehensive review of Victoria’s guardianship and administration laws had been undertaken in over twenty years.“Both the current law and any changes proposed by the commission must be consistent with Australia’s human rights obligations and the Victorian Charter of Human Rights.”

Professor Rees said the Commission would begin consulting with the community ahead of publishing a consultation paper next year. 

The Commission must hand a final report to government by June 2011.

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