Guardianship forum now open for comments

The Victorian Law Reform Commission has set up an online forum where anyone can provide comments on some

of the proposals for reform of Victoria’s guardianship laws. The forum provides examples of how some of the
proposed reforms might work in real life and asks some simple questions to help you tell us what you think.

The discussions cover:

  • new supported decision-making arrangements
  • new principles to guide decision makers
  • enabling VCAT to make appointments before a decision needs to made
  • consenting to psychiatric treatment
  • consenting to admission to residential facilities
  • documenting wishes about your future.


  1. visit the forum at:
  2. have a read of the case studies and then
  3. tell us what you think.

The forum will be open for comments from 1 May to 31 May 2011.

The Commission will also be accepting submissions in response to proposals in our consultation paper until
20 May 2011. Find out how to make a submission in the Making a Submission section of this website.

Your feedback will help shape the final recommendations in our report to the Attorney-General, so please take
the time to make your voice heard in this important review.

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