Law Reform Commission to review registration of sex offenders

The Victorian Law Reform Commission has been asked by the Attorney-General, the Hon Robert Clark MP, to review laws governing the registration of sex offenders and the use of information about registered sex offenders by law enforcement and child protection agencies.

The Victorian Ombudsman recommended this review in his recent report to Parliament about problems with the management of the sex offenders’ registration scheme. 

Chairperson of the Commission, Professor Neil Rees, welcomed the reference from the Attorney-General and said that the Ombudsman’s report highlighted the need for a detailed examination of the operations of the Sex Offenders Registration Act 2004. The Ombudsman reported that a number of senior public officials had expressed concerns about the limitations of the Sex Offenders Registration Act.

Professor Rees said that he was pleased to announce that the Hon John Coldrey QC—a retired Victorian Supreme Court judge and a former Director of Public Prosecutions—will act as a consultant to the Commission in this review.

The Commission has been asked to ensure that the legislative arrangements for the collection and use of information about registered sex offenders enable law enforcement and child protection agencies to assess the risk of re-offending, prevent further offences, and protect children from harm.

In particular, the Commission will examine the exchange of information for law enforcement purposes and for assessing the risks posed by registrants to children and the broader community.

The Commission is due to provide a final report to the Attorney-General on 4 November 2011.

For more information or an interview with Professor Rees please contact: 
Nicola Edwards, Communications Manager, Tel: (03) 8608 7824 or 0428 025 009

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