Victims of Crime: Consultation Paper

The Victorian Law Reform Commission has published a consultation paper seeking input on its review of the role of victims in the criminal trial process. Download the consultation paper from the link below.

The Commission is reviewing what should be the role of victims before, during and after a criminal trial. This includes victims’ role as witnesses and possible further roles.

The Commission is looking at whether the victim should have a role, and if so what role, at stages of the criminal trial process including:

  • The decision to prosecute
  • The committal for trial and pre-trial proceedings
  • The trial
  • Sentencing proceedings
  • Appeal proceedings
  • Compensation or restitution for the benefit of victims
  • Support for victims in relation to the trial and after the trial.

The Commission is not examining sentence levels, nor procedures outside the trial process, such as bail and parole.

The consultation paper includes questions about what the role of victims should be. Public and community consultations begin in August.

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