Assisted Reproductive Technology & Adoption: Consultation Paper

The Assisted Reproductive Technology & Adoption: Consultation Paper was published on 20 January 2004. The Commission received 234 submissions in response to a series of questions.

The paper considered:

  • the laws that govern access to infertility treatment in which donated sperm and/or eggs are used
  • the laws that determine eligibility to adopt children
  • legislation that deals with the parentage of children conceived through assisted reproduction
  • surrogacy laws and options for reform.

Following is a list of the chapters:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The Regulatory Framework for Assisted Reproductive Technology in Victoria

Chapter 3: Access to Assisted Reproductive Technology in Victoria

Chapter 4: Regulating Eligibility for ART: Options for Reform

Chapter 5: Family Relationships

Chapter 6: Surrogacy

ARTCP1.pdf (488.61 KB)
Place of publication: 
Publisher : 
Victorian Law Reform Commission
Date published: 
05 Jan 2004
Number of pages: 

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