The Birth and Rebirth of Law Reform Agencies

This speech was given by Professor Neil Rees at the 2008 Australasian Law Reform Agencies Conference. 

A summary of the contents is provided below. 

  • Introduction
  • Brief historical overview
    • The birth of law reform agencies
    • The golden age of law reform
    • The fall
  • Trends in law reform popularity
    • Conservative governments
    • The 'crowded field' of law reform
  • The Victorian experience
    • Abolition
    • Rebirth
  • Lessons learnt
    • Local conditions are always of fundamental importance
    • Government support for institutional law reform waxes and wanes over time
    • Law reform institutions must be, and be seen to be, independent
    • Law reform commissions must resist the temptation to be didactic
    • Law reform commissions must be useful and flexible
  • Conclusion
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Victorian Law Reform Commission
Date published: 
01 Oct 2008
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