Defences to Homicide: Occasional Paper

In June 2002, The Commission published an occasional paper, Who Kills Whom and Why? Looking Beyond Legal Categories, written by Professor Jenny Morgan, which examines the different circumstances in which men and women kill. 

The Commission publishes occasional papers to contribute to the store of information about issues it is reviewing. The papers are published by the Commission but the views are those of the authors.

The paper discusses the fact that men kill more often than women, and often in the context of family violence. It takes the view that social problems rather than legal categories best inform our thinking about the law reform we need or want.

A PDF of the report can be downloaded below. Please contact us if you require this publication in an alternative format. 

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Homocide_OP.03.pdf (425.18 KB)
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Publisher : 
Victorian Law Reform Commission
Date published: 
01 Jun 2002
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