Disputes between Co-owners: Final Report

The Disputes between Co-owners: Final Report was tabled in Parliament on 24 April 2002, marking the completion of the Commission’s first inquiry.

The report recommends making the system to resolve disputes cheaper and easier to use. This includes hearing matters in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT), rather than the Supreme or County Courts. It also recommends different resolution processes, such as mediation, be available.

Recommendations affect the Transfer of Land Act 1958, Property Law Act 1958 and Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 1998.

Below is an outline of the chapters:

Chapter 1: Co-ownership in Victoria Background
Chapter 2: Creation of Tenancies in Common and Joint Tenancies
Chapter 3: Converting a Joint Tenancy into a Tenancy in Common
Chapter 4: Ending Co-ownership of Property

For a hard copy of the report contact the Commission on 03 8608 7800 or email law.reform@lawreform.vic.gov.au.

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Victorian Law Reform Commission
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01 Apr 2002
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