Sexual Offences: Final Report

Tabled in Parliament on 25 August 2004, the Commission's Sexual Offences: Law and Procedure Final Report made 202 recommendations on all aspects of the criminal justice process. 

The report recommends:

  • better education and training for police, lawyers and judges
  • improved police responses to all complainants, but particularly Indigenous and NESB people, children, and people with a cognitive impairment
  • reducing the time taken to get to trial for children and people with a cognitive impairment
  • introducing a specialist approach to the listing of sexual offence cases in the Magistrates’ Court
  • reducing the number of times children and people with a cognitive impairment must give the same evidence
  • tightening cross-examination regulations and barring the accused from questioning the complainant or other vulnerable witnesses in person
  • making testimony by closed-circuit television routine and allowing videotaped testimony for children and people with a cognitive impairment
  • restricting access to the complainant’s counselling records
  • widening the definition of allowable evidence and who can give it 
  • the establishment of a working party to examine potential responses to young sexual offenders.

The report can be downloaded below.

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Victorian Law Reform Commission
Date published: 
07 Jan 2004
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