Appendix B: Submissions

1 Geoffrey Taylor

2 David S Brooks

3 Name withheld

4 Dr Suzie O’Toole

5 Barry Johnstone

6 Professors Mark Pearson, Patrick Keyzer, Anne Wallace and Associate Professor

Jane Johnston

7 The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

8 Dr Rachel Jane Hews

9 Jesuit Social Services

10 Bill Swannie

11 Victoria Legal Aid

12 Timothy Smartt

13 Shine Lawyers

14 Children’s Court of Victoria

15 Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner

16 Domestic Violence Victoria

17 Dr Denis Muller

18 Commercial Bar Association Media Law Section Working Group

19 Forgetmenot Foundation Inc

20 Criminal Bar Association

21 Coroners Court of Victoria

22 Law Institute of Victoria

23 MinterEllison Media Group

24 Victim Survivors’ Advisory Council

25 Juries Victoria

26 Chief Examiner, Victoria

27 Australia’s Right to Know coalition

28 Director of Public Prosecutions

29 Supreme Court of Victoria

30 Liberty Victoria

31 County Court of Victoria

32 International Commission of Jurists, Victoria

33 Victims of Crime Commissioner, Victoria

34 Coroners Court of Victoria—supplementary submission

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