Community input

1.57 The Commission invites the views and experiences of the community on the questions posed in this paper. A complete list of questions can be found on pages xi–xiii.

1.58 Some chapters in this paper cover detailed, technical elements of the relevant law, while others deal with the process of dispute resolution. The Commission encourages anyone with a view on the issues to make a submission. Submissions may cover any or all aspects of the paper, and need only deal with those elements you wish to comment on. Accordingly, you may wish to read only those parts of the paper that relate to your areas of interest.

1.59 While you are welcome to share any information you think relevant, the Commission’s inquiry, and subsequent recommendations, will be limited by the parameters set out in the terms of reference, reproduced on page vii.

1.60 Specifically, the Commission will not be inquiring into:

• disputes concerning trees situated on public land

• disputes concerning the obstruction of sunlight and views by neighbouring trees.

1.61 The Commission invites written submissions by 28 February 2018. There is no set requirement for the layout, length or content of a submission, although topics should fall within the terms of reference. More details on how to make a submission are set out on page v. The Commission places all submissions on its public website, unless there is a substantial reason not to. If you do not wish your submission to be published, please inform the Commission.

1.62 The Commission will also meet with individuals and groups with experiences or knowledge in the area of tree disputes. Please contact the Commission if you would like to be involved in a consultation meeting.

1.63 In addition, the Commission has created a short online survey to canvass views and experiences. Some of the survey questions are similar to the consultation questions in this paper. All are welcome to take the survey at to share their views and experiences.

1.64 After holding consultation meetings, considering submissions and examining survey results, the Commission will write a report detailing its recommendations for law reform in the area of neighbourhood tree disputes in Victoria.

1.65 The report will be presented to the Attorney-General for consideration, and then tabled in Parliament.