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July 2019 Have Your Say on Committal Hearings. The VLRC is exploring whether committals should be abolished or reformed to reduce victims' trauma.
 April 2019  Contempt of Court Under Review. In the age of social media, it is timely to ask whether the law is still fit for purpose.
March 2019

More rights for victims of crime resulted from a VLRC report.

February 2019

The Commission has been asked to review committals and contempt of court.

November 2018

Call for victims of crime shake up. A new scheme of state-funded financial assistance for victims of crime should be implemented, says the VLRC in its latest report.

March 2018

Jury challenges halved. New laws have implemented some of the VLRC's recommendations from its review of jury empanelment.

January 2018

Rooting out conflict over trees by Kerin Derkley. Law Institute Journal

Neighbourhood tree disputes- have your say. Everyday-Law Blog 

December 2017

Changes to succession laws are based on the Commission's 2013 review. What happens when a person dies intestate?

October 2017

The VLRC's inquiry into the Victims of Crime Assistance Act has been extended.


 August 2017  Litigation funding in the spotlight.
July 2017

New scheme called for. Discrimination and openness are addressed in a review of the Adoption Act.

Law firms compete for class actions as Victoria reviews outdated regime.

June 2017 Victims of crime and family violence
March 2017 Burial rights out of step
February 2017 Expanding the victim's role
December 2016 Evolving with the times
November 2016 Reforming adoption laws
August 2016 The operation of adoption law and practice in Victoria is under review.
July 2016 Any member of the community can make a proposal for a community law reform project.
June 2016 Targeting organised crime - Organised crime is seeking to infiltrate legitimate industries. Our report on regulatory regimes reviews what should be done.
March 2016 How to deal with victim impact statements.
Jan-Feb 2016 Balancing compassion with regulation - access to medicinal cannabis in Victoria
December 2015 Burial rites. The Commission is reviewing who should have the right to decide what happens to a person's body when they die.
November 2015 Confidential records and victims
September 2015  Landlords' use of advertising images has triggered concerns. 
August 2015 The VLRC is reviewing the role of victims in the criminal trial process.
July 2015 The VLRC is reviewing regulatory regimes to prevent organised crime infiltrating legal industries and occupations.
June 2015 The VLRC has completed its work on oppression remedies for beneficiaries of trading trusts.
April 2015 The VLRC is reviewing law reform options regarding the medicinal use of cannabis.
March 2015 The role of victims in criminal trials is under review.
January-February 2015  The Commission recommends that a Victorian Forfeiture Act should amend existing legislation to provide greater certainty. 
January 2015  VLRC Chair the Hon. Philip Cummins AM reflects on excepting the Crimes (Mental Impairment and Unfitness to be Tried) Act 1997 (Vic) from the Open Courts Act 2013.
December 2014 The VLRC recommends new secure facilities for persons with a mental impairment.
November 2014  The VLRC has published its report on jury empanelment.
October 2014 The Commission calls for more clarity in the law concerning unfitness to stand trial and the defence of mental impairment
September 2014 VLRC reviews law relating to photographing and filming tenants' possessions for advertising purposes
July 2014 Law is a living thing that must respond to changes in society. Members of the community can have their say in reforming the law. 
June 2014 The matter of trusts. The VLRC is seeking views about the application of oppression remedies to trading trusts.
May 2014 Putting tenants in the picture. The VLRC is looking at concern over photographing tenants’ possessions for the purposes of landlords.
April 2014 The Forfeiture Rule: legislative reform for Victoria?
March 2014 Recommended changes to the regulation of legal practitioner executors
January-February 2014 Birth registration and birth certificates report published
December 2013 Review of succession laws tabled in Parliament
November 2013 Reflections on a year as chairman of the VLRC, by the Hon. Philip Cummins
October 2013  Jury selection in Victoria - time for reform?
September 2013 Community law reform
August 2013 Ethical issues under the Crimes (Mental Impairment and Unfitness to be Tried) Act
July 2013 Unfitness to be tried
June 2013 Jury empanelment
May 2013 Defining mental impairment
April 2013 Ringing the changes - how VLRC has helped reform Victorian laws 
March 2013 Costs rules in succession proceedings
February 2013 Consulting on birth registration and birth certificates
01-12-12 How are debts paid after death?
01-10-12 Should the witness beneficiary rule be restored?
01-09-12 Birth registration and birth certificates
01-08-12 Call for new powers to investigate
02-07-12 Guarding against discrimination
01-06-12 Tipping the balance towards child protection
02-04-12 Willing to modernise
01-12-11 Shining the light
01-11-11 When sex goes tech
01-10-11 Keeping private lives private
01-08-11 VLRC reviews registration of sex offenders
01-06-11 Improving supported decision making
01-05-11 Major shift proposed for Public Advocate
01-04-11 New online registration option has merit
01-03-11 Review to help ensure right decisions are made
01-02-11 Property Act must move with the times
01-12-10 Making an impact in a year of change
01-11-10 New processes for child protection matters
01-10-10 Modernising surveillance laws
01-08-10 Easing easement and covenant confusion
01-07-10 Focus on child protection laws
01-06-10 Time to act on property laws
01-02-10 Out with the old
01-12-09 The year in law reform
01-11-09 Changing of the guard
01-10-09 Solicitors lead the way
01-09-09 Jury back on directions reform
01-08-09 Guarding the vulnerable
01-06-09 Review of Independent Persons in police interviews with young people
01-05-09 Surveillance laws under scrutiny
01-04-09 Jury Directions Symposium
01-03-09 Reforms give protection to users of assistance animals
01-10-08 From recommendation to legislation
01-09-08 Community law reform - help set the reform agenda
01-08-08 Clearing a path for assistance animals
01-07-08 Abortion final report tabled
17-06-08 Abortion Decriminalisation
01-06-08 VLRC releases stage one of the Civil Justice Review Report
01-04-08 Retired judge joins juries project
01-03-08 Jury Directions
01-02-08 Mental health law ripe for reform
01-12-07 Simplifying the Bail Act
01-10-07 Watching over Civil Justice
01-09-07 Civil justice reforms floated
01-07-07 IVF, surrogacy law reform released
01-06-07 Expert evidence on the stand
01-05-07 Alpha and omega
01-04-07 Counting the Costs
01-03-07 Civil Justice Suggestions Roll In
01-02-07 Tracking Down Surveillance Regulations
01-12-06 Sexual Assault Procedures Change
01-11-06 Implementing Law Reform to Protect Victims of Sexual Assault
01-10-06 Civil Procedures Under Review
01-09-06 Helping Animals do their Job
01-08-06 Living Wills on Drawing Board
01-07-06 Bailed Up
01-06-06 Rental Blacklists open for Scrutiny
01-05-06 Victorian Law Reform Commission turns Five

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