Final reports

For each project, the Commission publishes a final report, which is submitted to government and subsequently tabled in the Victorian Parliament.

This page lists reports produced by the Commission since it commenced operations in 2001.

Reports that were produced by an earlier body, the Law Reform Commission of Victoria, are not on this website. You can access those reports (1985-1992) on the austlii website.

Jun 2018

Litigation Funding and Group Proceedings

The ability of everyone to use the legal system to enforce their rights is basic to a fair and open legal system. However, sometimes legal processes develop in a way that restricts access to the law...
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Jul 2017

Victims of Crime Assistance Act 1996

Victims of crime, especially violent crime, often find themselves physically, mentally and financially vulnerable. Recovery can be a long, difficult process. The purpose of the Victims of Crimes...
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Jun 2017

Neighbourhood Tree Disputes

Good fences may make good neighbours, but trees grow as they will, breaking property lines, causing damage and nuisance, and bringing otherwise friendly neighbours into dispute. Making matters worse...
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Dec 2016

Funeral and Burial Instructions

What will happen to your body when you die? Have you written instructions for your funeral and burial? Or have you been involved in a family dispute about the funeral of a loved one?This Community...
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Nov 2016

Victims of Crime in the Criminal Trial Process

Victims of crime have a great deal at stake in the criminal trial process, and perhaps they have not received the support their special interests deserve. In recent years, their treatment by the...
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