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The Victorian Law Reform Commission is the central agency for law reform in Victoria. It is a statutory authority, established under the Victorian Law Reform Commission Act 2000. The Commission makes a significant contribution to developing a fair, just and inclusive legal system for all Victorians. The Commission consults with the community and advises the Attorney-General on how to improve and update Victorian laws.

The Commission’s major responsibility is to examine, report and make recommendations on issues that the Attorney-General refers to it. It also has the power to recommend reforms to relatively minor legal issues of general community concern without a reference.

We have published our report Inclusive Juries: Access for People Who Are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Blind or Have Low Vision which was tabled in Parliament on 16 May 2023. Our other recently published reports are Stalking and Improving the Justice System Response to Sexual Offences. The VLRC is currently reviewing the meaning of recklessness in criminal law, and in July 2023 we commenced a new community law reform inquiry, Residential Rental Agreements and Family Violence.

On this site you can find all our reports and associated publications going back to 2001 as well as information about our current law reform projects.

If you are teaching or studying law reform for VCE, please check out our resources for schools or request a speaker.

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