Adoption Act: Submissions

The Commission has received the following submissions to its review of the Adoption Act.

The submissions below are published with the permission of those who submitted them. The Commission does not publish submissions that are confidential, offensive, defamatory, or do not relate to the project. Private information about people other than the author is de-identified. Opinions in submissions are those of the submitters and not the Commission.

Submission 2: Ellena Dorothy Helen Stewart Biggs
Submission 3: Leilani Hannah
Submission 9: The Australian Adoptee Rights Action Group
Submission 11a: Grandparents Victoria Inc and Kinship Carers
Submission 11b: Grandparents Victoria Inc and Kinship Carers
Submission 12: Dorothy Long
Submission 13: Dr Catherine Lynch JD
Submission 14: Samuel Morley
Submission 15: Jeremy Orchard
Submission 18: Dan Barron
Submission 19: Sharyn White
Submission 23: Fae Cuff
Submission 24: Independent Regional Mothers
Submission 25: NAPCAN
Submission 26: Adoption Origins Victoria
Submission 27: Institute of Open Adoption Studies
Submission 29: Connections Uniting Care
Submission 34: VANISH
Submission 35: OzChild
Submission 36: Child and Family Services Ballarat
Submission 37: Permanent Care and Adoptive Families
Submission 38: Women’s Forum
Submission 39: ARMS (Vic)
Submission 41: Adopt Change
Submission 42: Australian Association of Social Workers
Submission 43: Thomas Graham
Submission 44: Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby
Submission 45: Dr Briony Horsfall
Submission 46: Australian Psychological Society
Submission 47: Youth Disability Advocacy Service
Submission 48: Victorian Council of Social Service
Submission 49: Office of the Public Advocate
Submission 50: Barnardos Australia
Submission 51: Law Institute of Victoria
Submission 52: Commission fo Children and Young People
Submission 53: SNAICC National Voice for Our Children
Submission 54: Australian Christian Lobby
Submission 55: CREATE Foundation
Submission 56: Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare
Submission 57: Patricia Harper
Submission 59: Dr Karleen Gribble
Submission 60: Berry Street
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