Publication Types

You can download our publications via the list of publications or through the relevant project page.

Most inquiries have a consultation paper and a final report. Some projects also have background papers, position/options papers or an interim report.

Background papers

Background papers (also known as occasional papers) are published when information the Commission needs is lacking. We commission experts to research and write about a specific issue or question to help the Commission’s own research.

Consultation papers

The first publication to be released in most projects is the consultation paper.

This is usually written before we embark on initial consultations. The consultation paper includes questions that people can use as a basis for their submission or consultation discussions.

Consultation papers include a deadline for submissions, usually one to two months after the release.

Final reports

The Commission must report to Parliament at the end of an inquiry. Once a report is given to the Attorney-General, he or she has 14 sitting days of Parliament within which to table the report.

Final reports contain recommendations to change the law or processes and procedures.

Final recommendations are decided on by every member of the Commission and are influenced by consultations, submissions and research.

After a report is tabled, the Commission conducts information sessions for people who contributed to consultations or made submissions.   

Interim reports

Interim reports are produced at the Attorney-General’s request and are tabled in Parliament before being released to the public.

Some interim reports will also contain questions and will call for submissions on the interim recommendations.

Interim reports can be about an entire inquiry, such as the Sexual Offences: Interim Report, or just one aspect, such as the Family Violence Police Holding Powers: Interim Report.

Position/options papers

Position papers and options papers are released when the Commission wants feedback on interim recommendations or preferred options.

They include interim recommendations and questions and usually call for more submissions.

There will also be discussion of the submissions already received and research undertaken since the consultation paper was released.

Plain English summaries

Some of the Commission’s reports are long and detailed because the issues are complex.

In some cases the Commission produces summaries where it thinks a lot of people will be interested in the recommendations.

In these summaries, discussions are kept brief and the language is less legal and technical.

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