The Law Reform Longlist 2023: 77 Suggestions from the Community

This longlist comprises selected suggestions for law reform projects.  They include project ideas relating to First Nations Peoples, young people, elder abuse, the environment, LGBTIQ+ people, family violence and more.

In early 2023 we consulted with 20 organisations representing sections of the community, community legal centres, legal professionals and others. We asked for their ideas about what law reforms are necessary in Victoria. We thank all these people for their time and ideas.

The presence of an idea in the list does not mean that the VLRC endorses this reform, merely that it was suggested to us. However, we will continue to draw on the ideas in the longlist for future community law reform projects.

VLRC Longlist 2023 (download pdf)

VLRC Longlist 2023 (Word doc)


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