Family Violence Laws: Report (2006) (pdf)

The final report to Parliament on 1 March 2006 made 153 recommendations to improve the response to victims from police, courts and the community. The key recommendations were:

  • The introduction of a new Family Violence Act underpinned by a clear statement of the aims and purpose of the law
  • A broad definition of ‘family violence’ that includes emotional and economic abuse, as well as physical violence; and a broad definition of ‘family’ to cover the modern notions of family, including carers of dependents
  • A widespread community education campaign to change attitudes to family violence and to encourage respect
  • The establishment of specialist lists within the court system, specialist prosecution and victim support service and funding for legal advice and representation for victims of family violence
  • Training for magistrates on the impact of family violence, to ensure appropriate orders are made, including to protect children
  • Improving physical safety at court and introducing other measures, such as video conferencing to make courts safer and more accessible
  • Targeted and appropriate family violence services, support and information for indigenous people, people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities and people with disabilities.

Review of Family Violence Laws Report

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