Workplace Privacy: Options and Issues Papers (pdf)

In March 2002, the Commission was asked to examine two major issues of public concern in relation to privacy: workplace privacy and privacy in public places.

In the first stage, the Commission was asked to address gaps in privacy protection for Victorian workers, in particular, surveillance by video, audio or tracking devices, e-mail and internet monitoring, physical and psychological testing, searching workers and their belongings, and the handling of personal information. The Commission was also asked how new technologies affect worker’s rights to privacy.

The Commission published several papers to encourage community response: an information paper in October 2002, an occasional paper in January 2002, an issues paper in October 2002 and an options paper in 2004.

Download Privacy Law Information Paper (pdf)

Download Defining Privacy Occasional Paper (pdf)

Download Workplace Privacy Issues Paper (pdf)

Download Workplace Privacy Options Paper (pdf)

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