Recklessness: Submissions

The Commission has received the following submissions to its review of Recklessness, not including any that were confidential. The Commission may upload further submissions to this review as they are processed. 

The submissions below are published with the permission of those who submitted them. The Commission does not publish submissions that are confidential, offensive, defamatory, or do not relate to the project. Private information about people other than the author is de-identified. Opinions in submissions are those of the submitters and not the Commission.

Submission 6: Criminal Bar Association
Submission 7: Victoria Police
Submission 8: Dr Steven Tudor
Submission 9: Liberty Victoria
Submission 10: Office of Public Prosecutions
Submission 12: Dermot Dann KC and Felix Ralph
Submission 13: Supreme Court of Victoria
Submission 14: Law Institute of Victoria
Submission 15: Youthlaw
Submission 17: Victoria Legal Aid
Submission 18: Dr Greg Byrne PSM
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