Stalking: Submissions

The Commission has received the following submissions to its review of Stalking from various individuals, organisations and institutions, not including any that were confidential. The Commission will upload submissions to this review as they are processed. 

The submissions below are published with the permission of those who submitted them. The Commission does not publish submissions that are confidential, offensive, defamatory, or do not relate to the project. Private information about people other than the author is de-identified. Opinions in submissions are those of the submitters and not the Commission.

Content warning

Some material in these submissions relates to stalking, harassment, sexual assault and/or violence. Some content may be confronting or disturbing.

If you are experiencing being stalked now and you need help, you should contact the police, or (in Victoria) the Victims of Crime Helpline: Call 1800 819 817  Text 0427 767 891. More options

Ethical reporting

The Victorian Law Reform Commission encourages sensitive, ethical reporting of the issues related to this reference and requests that, wherever possible, the contact details of support services are included in media reports.

Submissions to this inquiry and the public consultation phase have closed.

Submission 4: Name withheld
Submission 5: Cheryl Brown
Submission 6: Name withheld
Submission 10: Rochelle Carli
Submission 11: Anonymous
Submission 14a: George Hart
Submission 19: Lyn Crocker
Submission 21: Antoinette Lim
Submission 22: Name withheld
Submission 25: Deborah
Submission 26: KB
Submission 27: Name withheld
Submission 28: Name withheld
Submission 30: Name withheld
Submission 31: Name withheld
Submission 32: Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science
Submission 33: Name withheld
Submission 36: Ahmad Masri
Submission 39: Victorian Pride Lobby
Submission 40: Name withheld
Submission 41: Djirra
Submission 42: Name withheld
Submission 43: Name withheld
Submission 47: Liberty Victoria
Submission 49: Victims of Crime Commissioner
Submission 51: Matthew Raj
Submission 53: Barbara Jackson
Submission 54: Riana Leonardi, Hannah Smith, Dahlia Mahmoud, Melissa Caligiore
Submission 55: Bianca Adams
Submission 56: Derryn Hinch Justice Party
Submission 57: Name withheld
Submission 59: Name withheld
Submission 60: Dianne Russell
Submission 61: Naciyelara Erel
Submission 62: Name withheld
Submission 63: Madison
Submission 64: Philip Castagna
Submission 65: Code Black Threat Management
Submission 67: Erin Scrimshaw
Submission 68: Natasha Walters
Submission 69: Daniel Petrovski
Submission 70: Di McDonald
Submission 72: Sarah Pervaiz
Submission 76: Australian Association of Social Workers
Submission 82: Tring Nguyen
Submission 85: John Raphael Violeta
Submission 88: Name withheld
Submission 90: Carmela Melinda DiMauro
Submission 92: Name withheld
Submission 93: Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists
Submission 94a: Name withheld
Submission 94b: Name withheld
Submission 95: Springvale Monash Legal Service
Submission 97: Federation of Community Legal Centres Victoria
Submission 98: Law Institute of Victoria
Submission 100: Forensicare
Submission 101: Michael Buckman
Submission 104: Alannah and Madeline Foundation
Submission 105: Name withheld
Submission 106: Dr Steven Tudor and Greg Byrne PSM
Submission 107: J Starr
Submission 113: Name withheld
Submission 115: Victoria Police

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