Law reform resources

VCE students need to show an understanding of the law reform process and the work of the VLRC as part of Unit 4 of the legal studies curriculum. These resources have been specially prepared by the VLRC to assist teachers and students.

Listen to our presentation about the role, functions and processes of the VLRC.

The following interview between Lynne Haultain of the Victoria Law Foundation and Nick Gadd, communications manager of the VLRC was recorded for Law Talks in August 2020.



Download these pdfs:

  • Law Reform In Action. (7M pdf) Updated in 2020, this booklet explains the role and work of the VLRC, and includes two recent case studies: Adoption and Neighbourhood Tree Disputes.
  • Law Reform: Our Process (classroom wall poster) (2.47M pdf) This poster for the classroom wall provides a clear diagram of the law reform process.

For free copies of the full-size poster and the printed booklet, contact us on 03 8608 7800 or email the VLRC.


During the COVID-19 crisis we are no longer making in person visits to schools, but hope to resume these later in the year. In the meantime, this video includes the information you will need.

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