Victims of Crime Assistance Act: Submissions

The Commission received the following submissions.

Submission 1: Judicial Advisory Group on Family Violence
Submission 2: Victorian and Civil Administrative Tribunal
Submission 3: Director of Public Prosecutions Victoria
Submission 4: Crime Victims Support Association
Submission 5: Anglicare Victoria Victims Assistance Program
Submission 6: Forgetmenot Foundation
Submission 7: Dr Kate Seear et al
Submission 8: Victim Survivors Advisory Council
Submission 9: Alannah and Madeline Foundation
Submission 10: Eastern Metropolitan Region Regional Family Violence Partnership
Submission 11: Seniors Rights Victoria
Submission 12: Jesuit Social Services
Submission 13: Adviceline Injury Lawyers
Submission 14: Inner Melbourne Community Legal Centre
Submission 15: Merri Health
Submission 16: Project Respect
Submission 17: Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare
Submission 18: Cohealth
Submission 19: Schembri and Co Lawyers
Submission 20: Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner
Submission 22: YourLawyer
Submission 23: Johnstone and Reimer Lawyers
Submission 24: Darebin Community Legal Centre
Submission 25: Public Health Association of Australia
Submission 26: Hume Riverina Community Legal Service
Submission 28: South Metropolitan Integrated Family Violence Executive
Submission 29: WLSV and DVVic
Submission 30: CASA Forum
Submission 31: Victorian Council of Social Service
Submission 32: Australian Psychological Society
Submission 33: Eastern Community Legal Centre
Submission 34: Dr Cassandra Cross
Submission 35: Brockway Legal
Submission 37: safe steps Family Violence Response Centre
Submission 38: Ryan Carlisle Thomas Lawyers
Submission 39: Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service
Submission 41: Springvale Monash Legal Service
Submission 42: joint submission Springvale Monash Legal Service et al
Submission 43: knowmore
Submission 44: Aboriginal FVPLS Victoria
Submission 45: Daniel Myles et al
Submission 46: Victoria Legal Aid
Submission 47: Centre for Innovative Justice
Submission 49: Victims of Crime Commissioner
Submission 51: Law Institute of Victoria
Submission 52: Slavery Links
Submission 53: Joint submission: Magistrates Court of Victoria and Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal
Submission 54: Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby
Submission 55: Jacqueline Simpkin
Submission 56: Sandra Betts
Submission 57: Victims of Crime Assistance League
Submission 58: Judicial Advisory Group on Family Violence Supplementary submission
Submission 59: Joint submission: VOCAT Magistrates Court of Victoria and County Court of Victoria part 2
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