Medicinal Cannabis: Submissions

The Commission received the following submissions.

Submission 1: Jayden Armstrong
Submission 2: Cheryl Wright
Submission 3: Leaf van Amsterdam
Submission 5: Matthew Corda
Submission 7: Jeni Martin
Submission 8: Dr Robert Kaldawi
Submission 9: Elizabeth
Submission 10: Heather Gladman
Submission 11: JB
Submission 12: Sandy Popple
Submission 15: Trich Cannabis Social Club
Submission 16: Amanda Newell
Submission 17: Cannabis Social Club Australia
Submission 20: Vic Camilleri
Submission 21: Drug Policy Modelling Program
Submission 22: Scott Hulley
Submission 23: Toby Stewart
Submission 24: Emeritus Professor David Pennington
Submission 25: MS Australia MS Research
Submission 27: Family Voice Australia
Submission 29: Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty Ltd
Submission 30: Dr Andrew Katelaris
Submission 33: Aaron Johnson and Kelli Russell
Submission 34: Christian Business Men Macedon Ranges Group
Submission 35: Australian Lawful Use of Cannabis Alliance
Submission 36: Les McDonald Bebuybac the Concerned Australians
Submission 37: Cannabis Policy Project
Submission 38: AMA – Victoria
Submission 40: Samuel Fair
Submission 41: Alkman Management
Submission 44: Victoria Police
Submission 46: Victorian Alcohol Drug Association
Submission 49: Shirley Humphris
Submission 50: Cassie Batten and Rhett Wallace
Submission 51: Cheri O’Connell
Submission 52: Royal Australian College of Physicians
Submission 53: Fred Andronikos
Submission 54: Cancer Action Victoria
Submission 58: Australian Concert and Entertainment Security
Submission 59: Matthew Pallett
Submission 60: UTT Biopharmaceuticals Pty Ltd
Submission 61: One World Cannabis Ltd
Submission 62: Derek Spence and Elyse Spence
Submission 63: Law Institute of Victoria
Submission 64: Robert Wisbey
Submission 66: Jan Hartwich
Submission 67: Diane and Max Lock
Submission 69: Cannabis Science
Submission 70: Leah Bisiani
Submission 71: Michelle Whitelaw
Submission 72: Mark Eastick
Submission 73: Ivan Shparyk
Submission 74: Mark Selan
Submission 75: Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (Victoria)
Submission 76: EROS the Adults Only Association
Submission 77: Aboriginal Embassy Victoria
Submission 78: Joylene Donovan
Submission 80: Natalie Vassallo
Submission 81: Lyn Cleave
Submission 83: Kevin Sammon
Submission 84: Loren W
Submission 85: Iain Fredin
Submission 89: Heather Marie Gladman
Submission 90: Belinda Doonar
Submission 91: Rangi Faulder
Submission 92: Lindsay Milton
Submission 93: Rodd
Submission 94: Fred Andronikos
Submission 95: Cannabis Community of Victoria
Submission 96: KF
Submission 97: Dr David Bearman
Submission 98: Associate Professor Carolyn Arnold
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