Two new law reform projects

The VLRC started two new inquiries in May 2024:

  • An Attorney-General reference on Artificial Intelligence and Victoria’s courts and tribunals
  • A self-referred community law reform project on aspects of family violence intervention orders.
    Stakeholders and the community will be able to have their say on both projects later this year. More detail below.

Artificial Intelligence and Victoria’s courts and tribunals

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are rapidly evolving and becoming omnipresent. There is potential for AI tools to be used in Victoria’s courts and tribunals, but their use carries risks and opportunities for fairness, accountability, transparency and privacy as well as potential improvements to accessibility.

The VLRC has been asked to make recommendations on law reform and principles to guide the safe use of AI in Victoria’s courts and tribunals.

We will publish a consultation paper later this year. There will then be opportunities for stakeholders and the community to have their say and make submissions.

View the terms of reference for Artificial Intelligence in Victoria’s Courts and Tribunals.

Making family violence intervention orders more effective

Family Violence Intervention Orders (FVIOs) are meant to keep people safe from violent perpetrators. Currently in Victoria they do not have a minimum default length. Just over half of final intervention orders are issued for only 12 months or less.

The VLRC is going to examine whether family violence laws should be reformed to 1) specify a minimum default length for FVIOs 2) change the criteria for when they can be varied or revoked.

The Commission will prepare a consultation paper to guide community discussion about potential reform. The consultation paper will be published online later this year and will tell you how to have your say on these reforms.

View the terms of reference for Examining Aspects of Family Violence Intervention Orders.

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