Jury Empanelment: Report (html)

Cover of the Juiry Empanelment report shows a design of multicoloured dots denoting jurors and exclamation marks denoting challenges on a black background

In March 2013 the Commission was asked to recommend jury empanelment law reform for both criminal and civil trials:

  • Whether jurors should be identified in court by name or number
  • Peremptory challenges (and the Crown right to stand aside in criminal trials)
  • The balloting off of additional jurors.

In particular, the terms of reference asked the Commission to consider the effect of these processes on jurors.

The jury empanelment report, tabled in Parliament on 3 September 2014, made 16 law reform recommendations to improve the way juries are selected and how additional jurors empanelled for long trials should be managed.

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