Neighbourhood Tree Disputes: Consultation Paper

7. Conclusion

7.1 This consultation paper sets out the law and process in Victoria for resolving disputes between neighbours about trees on private land. It also canvasses other Australian and international approaches, and presents options for change.

7.2 The Commission now invites submissions from all parts of the community, in particular from people who have been involved in a neighbourhood tree dispute. Any information about navigating the dispute resolution system, and suggestions for improvements, will be of great assistance to the Commission in recommending whether and how the law should change.

7.3 The Commission invites people’s views on the specific questions raised in this paper. A complete list of questions can be found on pages xi–xiii. Responses may include all questions, or may answer only those in which the person has an interest or has had relevant experience. Submissions may be made in many forms, including by letter, by email, by telephone or in person, should that be required. In addition, the Commission has created a shorter online survey, which is based on the options presented in this paper. The survey can be accessed at:

7.4 In accordance with the terms of reference, set out on page vii, the Commission will not be considering disputes about trees on public land, or disputes relating to access to sunlight or views.

7.5 To allow the Commission adequate time to consider your views before deciding on final recommendations, submissions are due by 28 February 2018.