The Role of Victims of Crime in the Criminal Trial Process: Submissions

The Commission received the following submissions.

Submission 1: Australian Law Reform Commission
Submission 2: Seppy Pour
Submission 3: Melville Miranda
Submission 4: Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission
Submission 5: Centre for Rural Regional Law and Justice
Submission 7: Youthlaw
Submission 8: Mary Iliadis
Submission 9: Associate Prof Tracey Booth
Submission 10: Victoria Legal Aid
Submission 10a: Victoria Legal Aid
Submission 11: Sandra Betts
Submission 12: Arnold Dallas McPherson Lawyers
Submission 13: David Levesque
Submission 14: Office of the Victims of Crime Commissioner
Submission 15: Kristy McKellar
Submission 17: Office of the Public Advocate
Submission 18: Women with Disabilities Victoria
Submission 19: Dr Tyrone Kirchengast
Submission 20: Phil Cleary Enterprises
Submission 21: Dianne Hadden
Submission 22: Joy and Roger Membrey
Submission 23: Director of Public Prosecutions
Submission 24: Fiona Tait
Submission 25: Law Institute of Victoria
Submission 26: Victoria Police
Submission 27: Supreme Court of Victoria
Submission 28: Chris Gill
Submission 29: Victorian Bar and Criminal Bar Association
Submission 30: Loddon Campaspe Centre Against Sexual Assault
Submission 31: Professor Johnathon Doak
Submission 32: Professor Edna Erez
Submission 34: Northern Centre Against Sexual Assault
Submission 35: Annalise Roberts & Miranda Escort-Burton
Submission 36: Centre for Innovative Justice
Submission 37: Dr Margaret Camilleri
Submission 39: Safe Steps
Submission 40: Victims of Crime Consultative Committee
Submission 41a: Colleen Murphy (Kelly)
Submission 41b: Colleen Murphy (Kelly)
Submission 42: Vixen Collective
Submission 43: Liberty Victoria
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