Victims of Crime in the Criminal Trial Process: Report (pdf and Word)

The Victorian Law Reform Commission’s report on the role of victims of crime in the criminal trial process was tabled in the Victorian Parliament on 22 November 2016. 

The victim’s role has evolved over the past three decades and the report takes an evolutionary approach in proposing further reform. The Commission recommends that the victim’s role be recognised as that of a participant, but not as a separate party additional to the prosecution.

Central to the 51 recommendations are measures to secure the place of victims as participants in the criminal trial process by:

  • amending the Victims’ Charter Act 2006 (Vic) to recognise their inherent interest in the process
  • amending the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 (Vic) to include a right for victims in criminal proceedings to be acknowledged as a participant, treated with respect and protected from unnecessary trauma.

Download the pdf file from the link below. 

Date published: 
22 Nov 2016
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