Family Violence and the Victims of Crime Assistance Act 1996: Consultation Paper

16. Conclusion

16.1 This consultation paper discusses a range of issues to assist the Victorian Law Reform Commission (the Commission) in understanding the operation of the Victims of Crime Assistance Act 1996 (the Act) and how it applies to victims of family violence, including child victims. This consultation paper therefore also sets out for stakeholder and community consideration a number of options for reform aimed at ensuring that the purpose and objectives of the Act can be realised for victims of family violence.

16.2 In exploring the operation of the Act and its accessibility for victims of family violence, the Commission has been guided by an overarching consideration of what changes might need to be made to the Act to better assist victims of family violence rebuild their lives and recover.

16.3 This consultation paper does not represent concluded views on the matters raised by the terms of reference. Those conclusions will be reached following consultations and submissions, and stated in the Commission’s report, to be delivered to the Attorney-General by 31 January 2018.

16.4 The Commission welcomes submissions from all parts of the community. It particularly invites submissions from victims, persons affected, professionals, stakeholders and the community who have had direct experience of the Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal (VOCAT) processes and/or whose work interacts with VOCAT.

16.5 You can provide input into the Commission’s review by responding to the specific questions posed throughout the paper. You may choose to answer some, but not all questions. Alternatively, you may wish to provide a response that does not address individual questions posed throughout the paper, but nonetheless relates to the issues outlined in the terms of reference.

16.6 To allow the Commission time to consider your views before deciding on final recommendations, submissions are due by 28 July 2017.

16.7 Your responses to these questions will assist the Commission determine what changes are required to improve the operation of the Act for victims of family violence.

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