Neighbourhood Tree Disputes: Report (html)

Appendix B: Consultations

1 Aldo Taranto

2 Dr Gregory Moore OAM, Senior Research Associate, The University of Melbourne

3 Warwick Williams, Corporate Counsel, HVP Plantations

4 Participants in facilitated discussion at VTIO ArborCamp 2018 (approximately 40 arborists)

5 Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

6 Ben Kenyon, Principal Consulting Arborist, Homewood Consulting Arborists

7 Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria

8 City of Boroondara

9 Nillumbik Shire Council

10 Baw Baw Shire Council

11 Land and Environment Court of New South Wales

12 City of Port Phillip

13 Aboriginal Victoria

14 Robert Mineo, Coordinator Arboriculture Services at Monash City Council

15 Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal

16 Heritage Victoria

Supplementary consultation

1 Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

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