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104 We are now seeking written submissions that respond to our terms of reference. We encourage you to use the questions at the end of this issues paper to guide your response. You may choose to answer some or all of these questions.

105 The Commission will consult with people who have an interest in this reference after we have received and considered written submissions.

106 If you would like to meet with us to provide your views (even if you have not provided a written submission) you can contact us directly by email or phone.

107 Please make your submission by 3 March 2023. You can provide your submission by:

• email:

• via a form on our website:

• mail: GPO Box 4637, Melbourne Vic 3001

• phone: (03) 8608 7800, 1300 666 557 (TTY) or 1300 666 555 (cost of a local call).