Regulatory Regimes and Organised Crime: Consultation Paper

5. Conclusion

5.1 This paper has examined a broad range of issues relating to the establishment of principles for assessing the risk of infiltration by organised crime groups of lawful occupations and industries, and for developing suitable regulatory responses.

5.2 The review is directed at preventing such infiltration. It is not directed at the investigation, prosecution or punishment of existing organised crime activity.

5.3 The Commission welcomes submissions from all areas of the community. It particularly invites submissions from:

• law enforcement agencies

• regulators

• occupation and industry participants or potential entrants

• specialists in organised crime and regulatory strategies.

5.4 You can provide input to the Commission’s review by responding to the questions throughout the paper. The full list of questions is provided at pages 72–74. Information about how to make a submission is provided at pages v–vi. To allow the Commission time to consider your views before deciding on final recommendations, the submission deadline is 3 August 2015.

5.5 Your responses to these questions will assist the Commission to determine the most useful principles for recommendation to the Attorney-General.

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