Stalking: Interim Report (html)

Appendix B: Consultations

1 Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science

2 Children’s Court

3 Victoria Police

4 Sexual Assault Services Network

5 Harmful Sexual Behaviours Network

6 Magistrates’ Court of Victoria

7 Small Group Meeting on stalking and risk of serious harm and or outcomes

8 eSafety Commissioner (eSafety)

9 Judicial College of Victoria

10 Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service

11 Members of the Victims of Crime Consultative Committee (VOCCC)

12 Domestic Violence Victoria and Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria

13 Victoria Legal Aid

14 Confidential

15 Forensicare

16 Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare: Young People and Stalking

17 Small Group Meeting: Young People and Stalking

18 County Court of Victoria

19 Community Legal Sector

20 Law Institute of Victoria

21 Small Group Meeting on stalking and women with disabilities

22 Small Group Meeting on stalking and people with disabilities

23 Cyberstalking Roundtable

24 Criminal Bar Association

25 Victoria Police – Intelligence and Covert Support Command

26 Victoria Police – Authorising officers and Fixed Threat Assessment Centre

27 Kulturbrille

28 Victorian Pride Lobby

29 Alannah & Madeline Foundation

30 Roundtable with Multicultural Lawyers and Legal Stakeholders

31 Roundtable with Multicultural and Multifaith Community Organisations