Stalking: Interim Report (html)


Chapter 2

1 Victoria Police should engage with appropriate experts to provide training to enhance the understanding of frontline police to identify stalking behaviours as set out in the Act.

2 Victoria Police should develop guidance for frontline police on interviewing and communicating with victim survivors of stalking, with the aim of improving the gathering, recording, and management of evidence and the investigation of cases.

Chapter 3

3 Victoria Police should develop guidance for identifying and gathering information about stalking for frontline police.

4 Victoria Police should record every presentation to police with a report of stalking (and related conduct) on the appropriate Victoria Police information management system(s), including in instances where stalking is alleged but no offence has been detected.

5 Victoria Police should be the agency responsible for initiating PSIO applications on behalf of victim survivors.

6 Victoria Police should refer complex cases to specialist police within existing criminal investigation units for investigation where required.

7 Victoria Police should refer stalking matters where necessary to appropriate external agencies.

8 Victoria Police should refer victim survivors of stalking to appropriate external services.

Chapter 5

9 The Whole Story investigation framework should be used by Victoria Police for reports of stalking.