Committals: Issues Paper (html)

6. Conclusion

6.1 By 31 March 2020 the Commission will present the Attorney-General with its report on Victoria’s committal and pre-trial system.

6.2 The Commission is seeking comment on the form or design of pre-trial criminal procedure that would most efficiently and effectively achieve and uphold the goals and principles of the Terms of Reference.

6.3 This may address:

• maintaining the present system

• reforming the present system

• abolishing the present system and replacing it

• the impact of any proposed changes on all parts of the criminal justice system

• what will be needed to ensure the successful implementation and operation of those changes, including resource implications.

6.4 In relation to Victoria’s committal and pre-trial system, the Commission is also seeking comment on:

• best practice for supporting victims

• reduction of trauma experienced by victims and witnesses

• improving efficiency in the criminal justice system; and

• ensuring fair trial rights.

6.5 The closing date for submissions is 16 August 2019.

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