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The Victorian Law Reform Commission provides media comment on our current and recently completed projects. Contact Merrin Mason on (03) 8608 7829.

Reference updates

31 March 2018: The Commission has delivered its report on Access to Justice: Litigation Funding and Group Proceedings to the Attorney-General.

15 December 2017: Submissions opened for the inquiry into Neighbourhood Tree Disputes. Download the consultation paper.

31 October 2017: Submissions have closed for the inquiry into the Victims of Crime Assistance Act.

22 September 2017: Submissions have closed for the inquiry into litigation funding and group proceedings.

10 July 2017: The Attorney-General supplied the Commission with supplementary terms of reference for the review on family violence and the Victims of Crime Assistance Act 1996.

7 June 2017: The Adoption report was tabled in Parliament. Download the Review of the Adoption Act 1984.

27 February 2017: The Commission delivered its report on the Adoption Act to the Attorney-General. 

9 February 2017: The Commission's report on funeral and burial instructions was tabled in Parliament.

16 January 2017: The government announced that the Commission will review the rules covering litigation funding. The review will look at circumstances where plaintiffs win their case but end up with nothing because the money goes in legal fees.  Terms of reference

21 December 2016: On 21 December 2016 the Commission received a reference on the Victims of Crime Assistance Act and Victims of Family Violence. Terms of reference

15 December 2016: The Commission released its report on funeral and burial instructions.

22 November 2016: The Commission's report on the role of victims of crime in the criminal justice system was tabled in Parliament.

25 May 2016: The Commission's report on Regulatory Regimes and Organised Crime was tabled in Parliament.

21 December 2015: The Attorney-General has asked the Commission to review the Adoption Act 1984.

23 November 2015: The Commission has completed its consultations for the Victims of Crime inquiry and submissions have closed. The Commission is preparing its report for delivery to the Attorney-General by 1 September 2016.

9 November 2015: The Commission has published a consultation paper on Funeral and Burial Instructions. Submissions are open until 21 December. 

6 October 2015: The Commission's report on medicinal cannabis was tabled in Parliament. The Victorian Government announced that it fully accepted 40 of 42 recommendations and provisionally accepted the other two.

Selected media coverage

20 February 2018: 'Poisonings, uprootings and court stoushes: the toxic world of neighbourhood tree disputes', The Law Report, Radio National

8 December 2017: 'Advanced care planning: Dying to tell', JOY 94.9 FM Radio

25 October 2017: 'Who is really winning as class actions reach a crescendo?'  The Australian

22 September 2017: 'Radical overhaul needed to stop rush to class actions', Australian Financial Review

20 September 2017: 'Cash for scrap metal banned as new laws come in'. Herald Sun. 

20 July 2017: 'Law firms compete for class actions as Victoria reviews outdated regime', Financial Review

7 June 2017: 'Single people could adopt under planned shake-up to reflect the modern family', The Age

24 March 2017: 'Litigation inquiry could set the standard'. The VLRC's inquiry into litigation funding has the potential to set a national benchmark. The Australian.

15 January 2017: 'Contested wills: why legal disputes don't stop after death', a discussion of the Commission's funeral and burial instructions report and issues around wills and succession. Fairfax. 

9 December 2016: 'Law reform report urges greater rights for victims', ABC

27 August 2016: The Age: 'State government begins righting a ridiculous wrong', an opinion piece by Farrah Tomazin discusses recent changes to the adoption laws, and Commission's current review of the Adoption Act.

21 May 2016: (The Age) 'Elisabeth Membrey's family calls for criminal justice reform' discusses the role of victims and their families in the criminal justice system, with reference to the Commission's current inquiry.

15 April 2016: 'Teenager wrongly branded a dangerous sex offender'. John Silvester of The Age quoted the Commission's report on sex offenders registration in an article about a young Victorian placed on the sex offenders register.

12 April 2016: ABC News: Victoria has become the first state in Australia to legalise medicinal cannabis, passing legislation that implements recommendations of the VLRC's medicinal cannabis report. 

2 February 2016: The Law Report on Radio National devoted a program to the Commission's inquiry into funeral and burial instructions. Listen to the program

11 October 2015: The Age reported on VLRC's inquiry into funeral and burial instructions.

6 October 2015: ABC News: 'Medicinal marijuana to be legalised in Victoria in Australian first

6 October 2015: The Age: 'Victoria to grow its own medical marijuana' 

24 June 2015: The Age reported on the release of VLRC's regulatory regimes consultation paper

23 June 2015: The ABC reported on VLRC's public consultations on medicinal cannabis in the Gippsland region

16 June 2015: The Border Mail reported on VLRC's public consultations on medicinal cannabis in Wodonga

20 March 2015: The Guardian reported on the release of the VLRC's medicinal cannabis issues paper

7 October 2014: ABC Radio National: The Hon Philip Cummins AM interviewed by Damien Carrick on The Law Report, Radio National about jury empanelment, challenges to jurors and stereotyping of jurors on grounds of gender and race. 

30 September 2014: The Conversation: "Crazed killer" headlines defy facts of crime and mental impairment' by Philip Cummins AM

26 August 2014: The Age: Parties refuse to commit to hospital' by Steve Lillebuen

'Jury challenges should be halved: Commission' by Jane Lee, The Age, 4 September 2014 and 'Probe on sex bias in jury selection' by Jane Lee, The Age, 4 November 2013

21 August 2014: The Age:  'New laws to identify sex offenders' by Rania Spooner, article referring to the Commission's recommendations on sex offenders.



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