Regulatory Regimes and Organised Crime: Report (html)

Appendix B: Submissions

1 Confidential

2 Professor Rick Sarre

3 National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council

4 Julie Ayling

5 Professor Louis de Koker and Kayne Harwood

6 JobWatch Inc.

7 Confidential

8 Philip Morris Limited

9 Liberty Victoria

10 Australian Tattooists Guild

11 Australian Security Industry Association Limited

12 Scarlet Alliance, Australian Sex Workers Association

13 National Heavy Vehicle Regulator

14 Australian Adult Entertainment Industry Inc.

15 Victorian Legal Services Board and Commissioner

16 EROS Association

17 Darryl Annett

18 Australian Securities and Investments Commission

19 Vixen Collective

20 Australian Collectors & Debt Buyers Association

21 Institute of Mercantile Agents

22 Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission

23 The Victorian Bar Inc.

24 Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce

25 Law Council of Australia

26 Prostitution Licensing Authority (Queensland)

27 Law Institute of Victoria

28 Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (Queensland)

29 Australian Metal Recycling Industry Association

30 Sims Metal Management

31 Confidential

32 Law Council of Australia (supplementary submission)

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