The Role of Victims of Crime in the Criminal Trial Process: Consultation Paper

Terms of reference

[Referral to the Commission pursuant to section 5(1)(a) of the Victorian Law Reform Commission Act 2000 (Vic) on 27 October 2014.]

The Victorian Law Reform Commission is asked to review and report on the role of victims of crime in the criminal trial process.

In conducting the review, the Commission should consider:

(a) the historical development of the criminal trial process in England and other common law jurisdictions;

(b) a comparative analysis of the criminal trial process, particularly in civil law jurisdictions;

(c) recent innovations in relation to the role of victims in the criminal trial process in Victoria and in other jurisdictions;

(d) the role of victims in the decision to prosecute;

(e) the role of victims in the criminal trial itself;

(f) the role of victims in the sentencing process and other trial outcomes;

(g) the making of compensation, restitution or other orders for the benefit of victims against offenders as part of, or in conjunction with, the criminal trial process; and

(h) support for victims in relation to the criminal trial process.

The Commission is to report by 1 September 2016.

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